Kairos Transmedia.

"A society's competitive advantage
will come not from how well its schools
teach the multiplication and periodic tables,
but from how well they stimulate
imagination and creativity."

Albert Einstein

Kairos Transmedia, Inc. (KTI) is committed to providing a safe internet and social media environment in Spillwall.com allowing youth to create, collaborate and showcase their talents; encouraging and rewarding creativity and community service endeavoring to make them happier, more productive citizens of the world.

We are a community builder and work with Schools to build community - We want to build character, engagement, creativity, identity, collaboration in schools using our more than 500 existing school relationships and growing via our The Director's Cut acquisition.

Our mandate is to provide a safe, fun and engaging media platform environment built for all kids, by kids and about kids; it is theirs and not ours.

Not all youth have equal access to the tools to create, collaborate and share. KTI is therefore committed to making opportunities available to everyone, regardless of their socio-economic background; participating youth can earn or be rewarded across all KTI divisions through participating in community service.

We are a consumer driven internet based company that distributes, develops, creates, and aggregates content - products and services all suitable (age appropriate and non-salacious) for the youth demographic. Our products and services, news and information, advertising, and edutainment - are distributed primarily in an online social media environment and presented directly into schools via our curriculum and layered variety through a variety of 1800 partner channels and platforms.

This year we signed an agreement with the Los Angeles school district (LAUSD), the second largest in the nation. In September 2013, The Directors Cut (TDC) presented a pilot workshop within LAUSD employing Common Core Standards using our custom developed elementary film making and digital curriculum program. The workshops were held on consecutive days during back to school week culminating with onsite filmmaking and a Film Festival. The reaction, participation and sheer delight of the children, the response of the teachers and the LAUSD administration is reason enough to be in this business and the fact that this form of instruction gets them looking forward to coming to school; doing their homework, collaborating and experimenting together is what education is meant to be.

Having now trained more than one half million students throughout North America on premise in more than 500 schools using technology to deliver common core curriculum and experiential learning produces the same results every time. Our programs are highly motivational not only to students making them want to learn and perform, but to teachers as well enabling them to find a meaningful manner to reach their kids. Please see for yourself and view the LAUSD testimonial video illustrating our curriculum and onsite delivery complete with district employees and parents narratives.

The Company was formed for the purposes of acquiring and building the following strategic business units: Spillwall.com, The Magazine, The Directors Cut and Spillwall Productions to achieve this mission.

"Kairos" is an ancient Greek word, which means where time meets opportunity; the right moment, and KTI believes the time has come for safe, compelling and age-appropriate media for youth.

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Clean. Safe. Compelling. Kairos Transmedia.